The making of "VIOLA-MATIC" is what kick-started my film-making passion.  Written to be a commercial break for a larger comedy project, the global response to what remains my most-watched film has been incredible and surprising. Starring my carbon fiber Luis & Clarke viola we filmed on a small Pentax point-&-shoot pocket camera one afternoon and edited with iMovie (it's all I had at the beginning), and the result was an instant classic! Even eight years on I still meet people who upon realizing exclaim with joy and excitement on their faces "YOU MADE THE VIOLA-MATIC?!?!  THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!"  I've talked with musicians from around the world who have shared it and laughed along with their friends at our silly little video, PLUS it's how I got to know Ms. Viola-Matic herself: Sandy Swanson - Hand-Model (yes really!), French horn player, photographer, actress, and all around great gal!  The power of creative film-making has been on my mind ever since, and every year I add a piece of gear to my tool box and expand my knowledge and ambition.  VIOLA-MATIC was featured in the 2010 San Antonio Film Festival.  


The VIOLA-MATIC naturally spawned a sequel, The VIOLA-MATIC 2 - Sportsman's Edition starring our cellist colleague Barney Culver as Bubba and of course Sandy Swanson as Bubbette.  This time filmed with a "real" camera in full HD and sporting an original soundtrack by composer Michael Hosford (and performed multi-tracked by me on the VIOLA-MATIC), we made it longer, better and more ridiculous, but as with most sequels it didn't quite "catch fire" with the online audience like the original (that's a joke, you'll get it if you've seen the end result!).  




The production has been a long time coming, but it will be worth the wait!  As with all my films we will certainly kick it up a notch.  }:-)  If you'd like to be a financial backer or part of the production team please contact me for more info.