OUTLAW JAZZ FILM SERIES - Written & directed by Diek, starring Doc Watkins

Commissioned by talented jazz entrepreneur Doc Watkins in San Antonio Texas the Outlaw Jazz series features a Wild-West  jazz band on outlaw adventures. Our first entry "OUTLAW JAZZ - A day in the Life" was featured in the 2015 San Antonio International Film Festival, and you can watch it here:


It was preceded by an album teaser vid both with the same name:  THE OUTLAW:


"OUTLAW JAZZ - The Van" (the Director's personal favorite of the series) follows Doc Watkins' misadventures in the Jazz-Mobile on the way to a gig.  


"JAZZ, TX - Journey's End"  Video announcement for the grand opening of JAZZ, TX, San Antonio's coolest music venue.  Visit www.jazztx.com


"OUTLAW JAZZ - Drum Secrets" features drummer Brandon Guerra, who makes a (b)lasting impression with his new line of drumsticks:


"OUTLAW JAZZ - Hotfingers" features the Doc himself laying down a fiery rendition...  


PIANOS ARE NERVOUS - A teaser for the opening of the new club in San Antonio: JAZZ, TX.  We wanted to go for a suspense/horror movie trailer vibe. 


"OUTLAW JAZZ - Trombone Demo" features Jaime Parker on trombone who sits in with the band from time to time and likes to toot his own horn (to great effect):


Prior to the OUTLAW JAZZ series Doc Watkins commissioned a couple other films which helped me hone my film chops:  A nice 2 min. commercial for an app called Jazz Tonight:


And a two-song demo of the band playing at the legendary Esquire bar on San Antonio's historic Riverwalk.  Love it when Doc is on the Hammond B3 organ, damn:


And a special message from Diek in support of Doc Watkin's quest to #makejazzgreatagain.  Special.  


More OUTLAW JAZZ films are on the way!!!  What a great collaboration...  :-)  Also check out Doc's very own venue he's created in the hip Pearl Brewery complex in San Antonio: JAZZ TEXAS, opening summer 2016!