I'm always cooking on some film project, here are some more samples of my work from a variety of events.  

WHISQUÉ - The manliest bourbon ever!  A 30 sec. spec commercial showing off what the team can do. PRO LEVEL

THE CANNON COMPANY LLC - A commercial and educational video highlighting an innovative safety tool for removing large industrial pins (which has been using 20 lb. sledgehammers for 150 years!?! Get into the 21st century!). BUDGET LEVEL

For a period of my life I was truly living the LeBaron lifestyle (not completely by choice, I might add!).  It *finally* came time to pass the torch to another, so I made a funny video to help me advertise.  MICRO-BUDGET LEVEL


This is the pitch video created for the indiegogo crowdfunding attempt for my BIG film UPON THE AWFUL TREE.  It worked (see the UPON THE AWFUL TREE link in the "FILM" drop-down menu for more info)!