- a short film, based on a true story

Photo and graphic design by Troy Ten Eyck

Photo and graphic design by Troy Ten Eyck

(formerly titled “INCERTITUDE”)

The year 2036, a world divided: In a routine mission gone wrong a special ops sniper is forced to make difficult decisions in her fight for love, ideology, and cultural heritage amidst the confusion and ambiguity of war. - Based on a true story

Inspired by actual historical events, join this tale of future and past, based on decisions from today. From the perspective of near-future military snipers you will enjoy a suspenseful action ride and will leave with thoughtful questions & answers. A timely film to be made first as a pro-level short-film festival piece (PHASE ONE), then expanded to a full feature (PHASE TWO)! This film is an independent project in the truest sense of the word, being created by a diverse team of passionate artists, enthusiasts, and fans working together as a community.

We're seeking private sponsorship to screen this movie at film festivals around the world, please be in touch to be a part!  

Poster #2, graphic design by Diek

Poster #2, graphic design by Diek

Lead actor Ashley Lucero as Malinda

Lead actor Ashley Lucero as Malinda

4/17/19 - The color-grading is complete! STATES OF CONTENTION now sports a truly professional sheen on the imagery. Now we have a compelling visual style to compliment the 6K Red Dragon footage and Leica Summicron-C lenses, and damn does it look fine… Before and after:

Malinda Guitar Color compare.jpg
Malinda Perch Color Compare.jpg

4/7/19 - STATES OF CONTENTION official trailer premiere was a success! Thanks for fellow filmmaker and team member Justin Kruse for including our trailer at his film screening in Boulder Colorado (Justin is doing incredible CGI work for our film too)! Stay tuned for more screenings of this preview.

12/17/18 - NEW TITLE!?! After testing and reflecting the team is pleased to announce a new-&-improved film title: STATES OF CONTENTION. This is an exciting twist and the new title is layered with intrigue and double meanings, needless to say we are thrilled!

8/16/18 - That's a WRAP!!  INCERTITUDE has been filmed! Now the battle for post-production... Behind-the-scenes pics and vids on the way!

7/8/18 - ONE MONTH to production!  Crew positions are being filled.  Let the frenzy begin...  

3/26/18 - BREAKING NEWS: Casting is complete!  

Special thanks to all who auditioned! The roles and actors are:

  1. Malinda, the lead character - played by Ashley Lucero.

  2. Keith, co-lead - played by Austin Callazo

  3. Sarah, supporting character - played by Ellie Genevieve

  4. Colonel G.W. Kirk, supporting character - played by Diek

Co-star Austin Callazo as Keith

Co-star Austin Callazo as Keith

Lead actor Ashley Lucero (with her guitar!) as Malinda

Lead actor Ashley Lucero (with her guitar!) as Malinda

Key features of what makes our film attempt special:

- Female sniper lead character: a flesh-n-blood kick-ass woman warrior (i.e. NOT a superheroine)

- Near-future social commentary: an extrapolation of issues we face today with a nod to history, plus a major twist! (YES, it's a GOOD story! Love, war, high stakes, suspense, action...)

- Based on a TRUE story from history, little known real characters in a fascinating genre-bending film!

- A drama, a suspense movie, an action flick, a military movie, an art film, INCERTITUDE is all these things!

- Action movie elements with authentic and detailed costumes and weapons, futuristic "tacticool!" 

- Vivid color and texture of nature in a futuristic war movie, rare in cinema.

- Custom soundtrack by award-winning composer recorded with REAL symphonic instruments.

- Cutting edge camera, sound, and film-making equipment (and crews to run it!) for that PRO Hollywood look.

Actors Ashley Lucero (L) and Austin Callazo (R) in custom built ballistic helmets by Devtac Japan

Actors Ashley Lucero (L) and Austin Callazo (R) in custom built ballistic helmets by Devtac Japan

Full Movie_Color_Sound(4-24-19) DIEK.00_05_45_12.Still113.jpg
Supporting actor Diek as The Colonel (and writer/director)

Supporting actor Diek as The Colonel (and writer/director)

PHOTO GALLERY - Pitch video still frames:

(NOT from the actual film, a preproduction proof-of-concept test and fundraising tool)

The PITCH video - a demo that explains what we are attempting from inside the stylized world of INCERTITUDE! 

(NOT the actual film, a preproduction proof-of-concept test and fundraising tool)

video imagery by Ten Eyck Visuals

Incertitude tintype promo test.png
Incertitude tintype promo test teapot 1.png

Films by Diek have many artistic and philosophical layers and INCERTITUDE is no exception.  There will be a compelling story, relatable characters, authentic & futuristic military gear, original music, detailed sound design, social commentary, a historical element, a touch of sci-fi, and maybe even some humor!  This production will utilize a professional crew and cutting-edge cameras and equipment featuring contemporary film-making techniques, all filmed in sharp ultra-high-definition in the glorious natural outdoor environments of Colorado.   

INCERTITUDE will be filmed in beautiful 4K resolution in the vivid natural splendor of the Colorado mountains in summertime.  Imagine a female version of Halo's Master Chief inside a Planet Earth documentary with a dramatic flair and a historical twist!  Rogue One meets Lone Survivor meets Dunkirk... Films by Diek will be teaming up with Ten Eyck Visuals to capture the vivid imagery required to bring this movie to life.  

INCERTITUDE is currently in development and fundraising for pre-production of Phase One. Please be in touch to get involved in this exciting and compelling project!  Principal photography estimated for summer 2018.



Coming soon:

Fundraising campaign, behind-the-scenes video blog (bottom of page), image and video clip sneak-peaks, and more!  



Follow along on the journey to get this movie made, from idea through to production: